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Women’s Basic Pistol Level 2 - HDC




2 Sessions 2.5 Hours Total

About the Course

  • The pros, and the cons of semi-automatics / revolvers.

  • Firearms malfunction & procedures to clear them

  • Holster carry options for concealed and open carry/gun safes

  • Additional “Situational Awareness” discussions

  • How to practice (what and why)

  • Alternative defensive tools and when

  • Live fire in the session – last hour.

Your Instructor

Brian Holmes - Holmes Defense Concepts

Brian Holmes - Holmes Defense Concepts

Brian is a former military and law enforcement professional serving in many diverse capacities over the last 30 years. Brian has been the Assistant Chief of Police, SWAT operator, SWAT team leader, K-9 officer, and Patrol Supervisor. Brian has also worked as a private contractor Blackwater Security Consulting for Hurricane Katrina relief and for Super Bowl 41 Security teams.

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