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Introduction to Purse Carry - RBR




2 Hours

About the Course

Many women make the decision to carry their firearms off body in a concealed carry purse.

However, there is more to doing that safely and effectively than just putting a gun in your bag.

This class will help you decide if purse carry is right for you, teach how to pick an appropriate purse

for your firearm, special considerations to carrying “off body”, and how to safely access and utilize

your firearm if you should ever need it. There is no live fire in this class, but we will practice drawing

with cleared and barrel blocked firearms.

Your Instructor

Tammy Bartels - Red Brick Road Training

Tammy Bartels - Red Brick Road Training

Tammy is based near Kansas City and is a firearms instructor. She has a BA in Public Relations and Marketing with a Specialization in Project Management and has an extensive background in advocacy and public relations. She has received training from organizations such as The Pew Charitable Trust and The National Parent Teacher Association.

Tammy is a USCCA certified instructor and an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, CCW Instructor, and Range Safety Officer. She is a Missouri POST handgun instructor and certified Byrna Launcher Instructor. Tammy has also received her OC Spray Instructor certification from Agile Training and Consulting.

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