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Intro To Pistol - LST




9 Hours

About the Course

In this class, you will learn:

  • Essential gun safety rules

  • Different types of pistols and which one is best for you

  • The basics of ammunition

  • The fundamentals of pistol shooting

  • Different shooting positions

  • The most common shooting errors

  • Proper gun cleaning and maintenance

  • How to maintain your skills

Your Instructor

Lee Wallace - Lakeside Security Training

Lee Wallace - Lakeside Security Training

Lee Wallace is a military veteran with 14 Years of law enforcement experience.
He also has a degree in Criminal Justice. Certified by the NRA to teach Basic
Pistol and Home Invasion classes, he is also certified as a Range Safety Officer. In
addition, certification has been obtained by the state of Kansas to teach Kansas
Conceal Carry classes. As a Hunter Education Instructor for the past 35 years, he
has made gun ownership and safety a priority. He is a graduate of Front Sight
Firearms Training Institute.

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