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Pistol Skills 1

This is an introductory class covering the basics of handgun ownership and shooting. You will need a functional firearm and 50-100 rounds of ammunition.

2 hours 

$75 per student

Pistol Skills 2

This is the next level of pistol training and will cover the fundamentals in more depth
with a focus on defensive shooting. You will need a functional firearm and 100-200
rounds of ammunition. Pistol Skills 1 or equivalent Basic Handgun class is a

2 hours

$75 per student

Pistol Mounted Optics

This class will cover the basics of pistol mounted optics (red dots) on handguns. Topics covered will include the pros and cons of red dot optics, how to zero the optic, the differences between using red dots vs iron sights, and more. You will need a functional handgun with an optic and 200 rounds of ammunition.

4 hours

$100 per student

Low Light Pistol

This course will cover the live fire skills needed to effectively utilize a pistol in a low light environment in conjunction with white light. Subjects covered include equipment choices, utilizing a pistol in conjunction with a handheld light in a search scenario, safely and effectively utilizing a handgun with a weapon mounted light, and utilizing a light as a force multiplier tool in a street or home defense scenario 


Student requirements; 

Ability to safely draw and fire a handgun one handed. Previous attendance in a course beyond the basic CCW class is a plus.  A quality strong side or appendix carry outside or inside the waistband holster from which the shooter can safely draw and re-holster with one hand. Soft clip-on or nylon type holsters, or holsters that collapse and disallow re-holstering with one hand, or shoulder holsters, are unsuitable for this type of training. Please do not use a Serpa holster unless you are required by agency policy to carry one. 150 rounds of ammunition.  A handheld light. Weapon mounted lights are allowed as well, but a handheld light is mandatory. 


4 hours 

$120 per student 

Trauma: Rapid Response to Gunshot Wounds and Other Trauma

This class will prepare you to use common materials as well as packaged medical supplies to treat likely gunfire injuries. This knowledge can also apply to “everyday” injuries. No prior medical background is needed to comprehend and apply concepts. Rather than dry, boring lectures this class will emphasize a personal skills learning style suited to adult learners.


Students are expected to bring their personal kits for review and suggestions. Kits meeting a list of recommended civilian carry contents will be for sale after the class ($60 cash or Venmo). All supplies are furnished for hands-on learning and will be returned at class conclusion. Please bring note taking materials - no recording of the class will be permitted.



4 hours

$120 per student

Conceal Carry

This class is the state mandated class to obtain a concealed carry permit in Kansas. This is not an introductory class. You will need a functional firearm and 50 rounds of ammunition.

9 hours (with lunch break)

$120 per student

Fundamentals of Conceal Carry

This class teaches you how to actually carry concealed (as opposed to the legal class required for your permit). Topics include selecting a belt, different holster options, dressing for concealment, and drawing from a concealment. You will need a functional firearm with a holster and 50-100 rounds of ammunition to participate in the live fire portion of class.

2.5 hours

$75 per student

Youth & Family Gun Safety

This class is appropriate for 6–12-year-olds and will cover safe storage and what to do if a child finds a gun. The basic tenants of the Eddie Eagle Program will be taught; Stop, Don’t Touch, Run Away, Tell a Grownup. There is no live fire in this class.

1.5 hours

$30 per family

Introduction to Purse Carry

This class will help you decide if purse carry is right for you, teach how to pick an appropriate purse for your firearm, special considerations to carrying “off body”, and how to safely access and utilize your firearm if you should ever need it. There is no live fire in this class, but we will practice drawing with cleared and barrel blocked firearms. If you have a purse, please bring it and your unloaded firearm.

2 hours

$75 per student

First Shots for Kids

This introductory class is appropriate for kids ages 8-16. The class includes safety training, how to maintain and manipulate a firearm, the fundamentals of shooting, and a live fire session on the range. Each youth must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. You will need to purchase or bring 50 rounds of ammunition and a limited number of .22 handguns are available for use.

2 hours

$50 per student/parent pair

AR15 Skills

This class is an introduction to rifle training. We’ll cover safety, setting up your rifle based on the intended use (optics, slings, etc.), basic functions and manipulations, cleaning, and finish with range time to practice these skills. You will need a functional AR15 and 100-120 rounds of ammunition.

3 hours

$75 per student


*Private Lessons can be scheduled with any of our instructors by contacting them directly

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